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Arvi srl

Founded in 1987 by Luciano Martinazzo, Arvi now has a close knit group of collaborators working with theme. Interesting shapes and acceossories chatacterize the collections where both objects and semiprecious stones are conceived and produced by creative designers. An internal team takes its cue from current fashio trends targeting the more refined consumer.

Theseare decisive jewels that will impress you, aggressive yet soothing, playful and with a touch of magic. Quality is convincingly expressed in the way the materials are worked with the precious jewels. the fine details and style talk toyou, as do the colors of the stone where the real charm lies, taking its inspiration from various cultures with rich histories and a touch of nostalgia. Arvi knows that good things come in small packaging as do their loyal customers who purchase their jewelry both on the local market as well as the international.

Arvi invests a good deal of resources in market research and advertising in order to strengthen their grip on foreign markets.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee


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On request we can create jewelry according to your wishes


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